The Courage to Take the First Step

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On Oct 15 2012 Felix Baumgartner fulfilled a life long dream, and created history when he travelled to, and jumped from a capsule from outer space. 

In this jump, he travelled at 833 Mph (1340.58 km / h ) and in the process travelled faster than the speed of sound. In breaking the sound barrier, he travelled 24 miles ( 38.62 km ) in 4 minutes, directly downwards.

In watching footage of this historic occasion, there is a moment that Baumgartner has to make the decision, and summon the courage to take that first step towards his goal. Would that moment have been scary? 


In life, there are moments that define us, that require us to take that first scary step. At such times, the internal dialogue in our minds quite often talks us out of our truth, and our greatness. The negative self talk, the fear and doubts steer us way from our taking action that would direct us to our goals.

Starting your own business, asking someone out on a date, deciding to chase a dream or daring to do things differently to what you have always done all take courage.

As Motivational Coach and Speaker Anthony Robbins says;

it's in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" . 

Make the decision and commitment to yourself to take that first scary step, and then the next one , and then the next one towards your goal. This then becomes an established discipline in how you do life, and how  to  approach all goals and obstacles in future.

Whilst we do not know whether the first scary step will take us one step closer to our goal, or hurtling to the ground to earth at (833 mph / 1340 Km/h), one thing is for sure.... You will run out of air if you just stay still and do nothing.

Blog written by Jim Karagiannis