The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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What story do you tell yourself? About your own capabilities, your level of worthiness to succeed, to be loved, or to live your life exactly the way you desire?

Does the mere question about the stories you tell, create a level of stress or anxiety for you?

Irrespective of what age, gender or level of success someone may have achieved to date, the stories they tell themselves about how life works have impact. The stories about what they deserve, and what things mean, can either accelerate them to a life of their dreams, or hold them back, never experiencing all that they are capable of.

Do these sound familiar to you?

Are you too OLD? 




Too FAT?

Not experienced enough?

Not ready to begin?

Scared of how you may not be good enough?


Or , do you find yourself regularly repeating a variant of the following statement

I am not______ enough!

If that is the case, it may be an indication that your thoughts are driving your reality by creating a story or a movie in your mind that when played over, and over and over becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Our fears, doubts, judgements and opinions set in to play a series of thoughts, ideas, and recurring beliefs about what is possible, achievable or whether we are good enough to really live the life of our dreams. 

These thoughts originate in the reptilian or primal part of our brain, and are designed to keep us safe however left unchecked and unchallenged, they also bind and shackle us and keep us trapped in our comfort zones.

But what if we told ourselves a different story?

What if we acknowledged these fears and doubts, and acted in spite of them to create a new and better reality?

What if by telling ourselves a different story we were opened up to a whole new world of experiences and possibilities that helped us fulfil our true potential and leaves us filled with joy? 

This is possible.

It all starts with a decision to change, and replacing your thoughts with new, more empowering beliefs about yourself.

Begin telling yourself a different story, and allow this new story to drive you towards a greater level of success, one step, at a time.

Blog By Jim Karagiannis